Free Software Trip 2: Reaching Bangalore.

Date: 21st January 2019

2. Reaching Bangalore

I was always curious about Bangalore. I had heard a lot about this city from my friends and family who lived there. It is the undisputed IT hub of the country with a vibrant tech community, making it a great place to work and live.

When I landed the airport apron was packed with a ton of aircraft of the same make and company together. It really is a curious sight to see groups of over 50 aircrafts which look exactly alike parked together. I’ve never seen anything like it in Mumbai or Hyderabad (which I frequent) !

Once inside, I was struck by how beautiful Kempegowda International Airport is ! The terminal was huge and it was clear that it was made for a major city with some serious footfall. Except for the size, it reminded me of Hyderabad which is also located a bit far from the city. The shuttle ride made me feel like i was going to my Dadi’s place in Hyderabad, even the bus model was the same! In the bus I had met a student of RVCE and we had a good long chat about the college and how life is here in Bangalore from the eyes of a settler from Delhi.

Then I reached the campus of RV college a short Ola ride after and checked in. There was a room in the guest house booked for me by Dr. Renka Prasad sir. I rested a little to actually go out into the city and meet Abhas sir finally!

I took a metro and reached the office of Deeproot GNU/Linux , the 18 year old free software business co-founded by Abhas Sir. I met him and we had a discussion about what I can expect at the events and do while there.

The office was a hacker’s paradise! Everywhere I looked it was apparent that this was a place for passionate technologists who were not afraid to get their hands dirty and customise things to their needs. Just 10 mins in I noticed the following things:

Abhas sir’s office was even more interesting, I took my own sweet time to glance through everything as there were so many awesome things like:

I spent the whole day nerding out and interacting with the other employees there. I got kinda fond of quite a few of them. Everyone of them was very friendly and shared my passion for making things. I left the office in the evening, took a long walk in the city and left to go back to the guest house.

The talk by RMS was on the next day I was very excited for the next day.

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